Woman injured in accident with Boh Bros. Construction Truck

$1.3 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

Ms. Pritchard’s injuries required four surgeries and extensive physical and mental rehabilitation. Yet, at the trial, Boh Brother Construction argued that Ms. Pritchard was the primary cause of the accident. However, after considering the evidence, a Pointe Coupee Parish jury disagreed and found Boh Brother Construction 75% at fault.

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Woman Awarded for Injuries Sustained in Car Accident

$567,000 Dollar Jury Verdict

Baton Rouge, La. –On June 4, 2008, Brittani Hatfield was traveling straight ahead on Starring Lane. The defendant, Claudine Blondeau was attempting to make a left turn onto Starring Lane out of Kean’s the Cleaners. Blondeau pulled directly into the path of the oncoming Hatfield vehicle.


Jury awards Parents of Victim

$2 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

New Roads, La. — A Pointe Coupee Parish jury decided in a civil case to award the parents of a young woman killed in an automobile accident $1 million each.

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Verdict In Death Reverberates Across Nation

Landmark Self- Defense Trial

Three days after Rodney Peairs walked out of a Louisiana courtroom a free man in the shooting death of a Japanese exchange student, the case is reverberating from radio talk shows to newspaper editorial pages, raising difficult issues of law, justice and race in a nation with more than 200 million guns and where 4.2 million new guns are sold each year.

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Jury acquits man of all charges

Murder Charges Dropped

Wilford Holmes was gunned down in front of his family’s home. Upon hearing the sound of gunshots, the victim’s mother, Lamarscha Homles, allegedly investigated the sounds coming from outside of her door. The triggerman allegedly looked straight at Ms. Holmes before fleeing down an alley. Later, she identified 22-year old Louis Daniels as the gunman.

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Insurance Department Told To Pay

$2.4 Million Dollar Ruling

Baton Rouge, La. – Former Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown’s lax oversight of a failed insurer’s assets cost one former owner around $2.4 million, including interest, according to a state appeals court.

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Fontenot Charges Tossed

All Charges Dismissed

A federal judge Tuesday dismissed charges that former state Sen. Heulette “Clo” Fontenot, R-Livingston, hid a $100,000 debt from two federally insured lenders.

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Family awarded truck accident that killed four people

$6.9 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

In October of 2001, four people were killed when an eighteen-wheeler crossed the median and slammed into a family’s minivan. Alton Williams was driving a Salvation Army truck when his hat flew out the window. In an attempt to recover the hat, Mr. Williams quickly changed lanes.


Chemical companies settle lawsuit with New Orleans residents

$50 Million Dollar Settlement

From the 1950s until 1987, T.H. Agriculture & Nutrition and Harcros Chemicals Corp. operated a pesticide and herbicide plant next to a New Orleans neighborhood. In 1994, the Environmental Protection Agency found substantial amounts of contamination in the neighborhood, including DDT and some components of Agent Orange.

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EBR Jury Awards Victim’s Daughter In Fatal Accident

$1.6 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

The 11-year-old daughter of a woman killed four years ago was awarded $1.6 million after a weeklong trial stemming from a car crash that involved a speeding, off-duty Baton Rouge Police officer.

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ExxonMobil Ordered To Pay Widow

$5 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

An 11-person jury ordered ExxonMobil to pay $5 million to the widow of a former contract worker at the company’s Baton Rouge plant who died of a disease caused by exposure to asbestos in the 1960s.


Charges Dropped Against Ratcliff

14 Charges Dropped

A federal judge has thrown out all but one of the charges against former Livingston Parish President Dewey Ratcliff. In a ruling issued Monday, U.S. District Judge James Brady dismissed 14 mail-fraud counts — leaving Ratcliff facing just one bank-fraud charge that carries a maximum 30-year sentence.

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Deposition of DHH attorney allowed in CNSI case

Baton Rouge Judge Rules

Attorneys for a company that contends Louisiana wrongfully terminated its nearly $200 million Medicaid claims processing contract can question the state health agency’s chief lawyer, a Baton Rouge judge ruled Monday over the state’s objections.


Family awarded after Explosion

$12.7 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

an explosion rocked the home of a mother and four children and killed the caretaker of the home. Prior to the explosion and while no one was home, Herring Gas of Louisiana filled an external propane tank.


Man awarded after Injury at Football game

$1 Million Dollar Verdict

In August 1999, Vernon Pitcher attended a football jamboree at Livingston High. As he walked through the bleachers to visit friends, his foot became lodged in a gap between planks in the walkway.

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Court orders award to be used to fund education center

$4.5 Millions Dollar Verdict

As all citizens of Livingston Parish were affected by the actions of Combustion, Inc., the federal court ruled that some of the funds could be spent on a project that would benefit the community as a whole.


WBR jury awards car accident victim

$5.3 million Dollar Jury Verdict

A West Baton Rouge Parish jury awarded damages of $5.3 million to a man who was severely injured nine years ago in a traffic collision on U.S. 190, the man’s attorneys said Wednesday.