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Baton Rouge woman faces trial for husband’s murder

Jury Acquits

Despite allegedly selling drugs all weekend, Mr. Gatlin had no cash on him, his wallet was gone, and someone had ransacked the house. The defense argued that these facts did not suggest murder by an angry wife.


All charges against Odom tossed

Charges Dismissed

In August of 2002, the State of Louisiana brought a 21-count indictment against Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Bob Odom.

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Man charged with Mardi Gras Shooting

Jury Acquits

One of the groups wore black jackets while the other group wore red jackets. Within minutes of the shooting, the police arrested Mark Brooks and Lazone Lewis because both were wearing red jackets.

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New Orleans man faces of murder charges

Jury Acquits

In 2006, Milton Marcelin was murdered outside of a FEMA trailer in New Orleans’ St. Roch neighborhood. The state charged Kevin Harrison with second degree murder.

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Man charged with murder argues self-defense

Jury Acquits

Lawrence Everage shot Michael Minor on the neutral ground at St. Charles and Melpomene Street. Police quickly arrested Everage a few minutes later. The state charged Mr. Everage with attempted murder.

Parking Lot

Casino ordered to pay employee who was raped in parking lot

$900,000 Verdict

At trial, the casino argued that the rape was unforeseeable and the casino provided adequate security and employed a capable security team. However, the trial court found the casino liable for the rape and responsible for the employee’s damages.

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Man faces murder charges following accidental drowning

Jury Acquits

In July 2008, Kennis Hagans drowned at a party in Algiers. At the party, Hagan, a RTA-employee, and co-worker Kory Dupree got into an argument regarding a previous brawl between black RTA employees and white New Orleans police officers

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New Orleans Man previously confessed to murder

Jury Acquits

Lloyd Burns, Jr. confessed to the killing. However, the defense argued that Mr. Burns had never committed the murder. Rather, he lied about committing the murder to cover for his friend LaCaze, who was accused of committing the crime.

power Lines

Worker Awarded after company negligence causes electrocution

$7.7 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

Plaintiff Doug Hall, an electric cooperative employee, was electrocuted while working on a bypass switch constructed by USCO Power Equipment Corp. The working area around the bypass switch did not include a 2-foot clearance as required by the National Electric Safety Code.