Unglesby Williams Fire, Electrocution and Burn Injuries

Fire Injuries, Burn Injuries, and Electrocution Attorney in New Orleans

Any type of burn injury, fire injury or electrocution can be devastating and not all that uncommon. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that burn injuries injure, hurt, or kill someone around every 30 minutes. Even more devastating, recovery times for burn injuries and electrocution injuries are extensive, costly, and extremely painful. Most burn injuries occur in the home or another place of business. Usually these are an accident, but all too often it is due to the negligence of another person or company.

Unfortunately, burn injuries and electrocution injuries can be permanent. A victim may lose mobility, lose function of body parts, lose function of extremities, or need extensive reconstructive surgeries depending on the severity of the burns.  While you or your loved one deals with the physical pain and permanent effects of burns, the mental and emotional effects may start to set in. You and your loved ones may start to experience depression, anxiety, hopelessness and despair as you try to cope with a life affected by these catastrophic injuries.

Fire accidents and burn accidents can result in first-degree burns, second-degree burns and third-degree burns, as well as injuries resulting from the inhalation of smoke and other toxins. Fire injuries and burn injuries can happen for a variety of reasons; some of the most common causes include: faulty electrical wiring; defective appliances; gas explosions; chemical leaks; improper installation of machinery; and installation of flammable materials in construction.

All burn injury cases are unique, and they typically result in different levels of severity. The burn injury attorneys of Unglesby Williams in New Orleans have the resources, experience, and history of success to help victims recover the compensation is deserved. This also includes less common burn injuries from the following:

  • Chemical Burns
  • Hazardous Material Burns
  • Industrial Explosions and Flash Burns
  • Inhalation Burns & Inhalation of Toxic Fumes
  • Thermal Burns & Scalding Liquid Burns

Fire injury, burn injury, and electrocution injury victims have to suffer through some of the most painful, catastrophic, and disfiguring injuries imaginable. Those with serious burn injuries may have to deal with the pain and discomfort for the rest of their lives, including months of hospital care and years of rehabilitation.

In addition to the physical pain and suffering, victims of severe burns and their loved ones may have to overcome the mental and emotional harm associated with the disability and disfigurement. Often, extensive counseling is necessary to deal with this type of mental and emotional trauma. Moreover, the mounting financial pressure and insecurity of medical bills and financial losses can cause additional stress and worry for the victim and their loved ones.

Injured? We Take it Personally

At Unglesby Williams, we understand the physical and emotional pain that fire injury or burn injury can have on you and your family. Having years of experience in representing people injured or that lost loved ones gives us the leverage and skills to fight for the compensation that you deserve. During the legal process after your injury, we treat each of our clients as an individual: respect, compassion, and empathy. Although we have successfully achieved millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, we remain committed to focusing on you and your unique situation. If you’ve been injured, we take it personally.

If you or a loved one has been hurt or injured or suffered a serious fire or burn injury in New Orleans, contact Jason Williams and the burn lawyers of Unglesby Williams. Burn injury and fire injury cases can be very complex and require the skill of highly experienced attorneys. Also, experts are often needed to determine the cause of the fire, the origin of the fire, and the scope and cost associated with the ongoing medical care that the burn victim might require in the future. We’ll be your strongest advocates and fight hard to get you the maximum compensation when you are the most vulnerable. Let us sort out the facts and details of the case and protect your rights, while you focus on your recovery.  Remember, Huge Verdicts are No Accident.