We know the challenges that you are facing.

Complicated cases require many hands to put on the best possible trial and successfully beat the opposition. Litigation can become enormously complex and expensive. Defendants will commit vast resources.

It is our firmest belief that a strong team can level the playing field and smash through the barriers to success.

Historically, this firm and its predecessors have developed a practice centered on our association with other lawyers. Because of our shared backgrounds, many of Unglesby & Williams’ cases are referrals from other practicing attorneys. Collaborating with other attorneys is the key to our growth and evolution as trial lawyers because we believe that all attorneys bring unique perspectives and talents to a case that help to achieve the highest potential.

We welcome the opportunity to work with others who feel that assistance at any level would benefit their client. Whether it is through navigating discovery, using our broad contacts to find the right experts, or cross-examining witnesses, our goal is simple: to add value.

Send Logan an email at logan@unglesbywilliams.com and let’s see how we can help.